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Hosting the Rector of the Kazakh National Medical University

Our University hosted  Prof. Nurgozhina Talgata, Rector of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University in Almaty.  The meeting focused on dicussions about future academic cooperation and exchange.

Plans for cooperation include academic exchanges of lecturers, researchers, students and doctoral students, joint scientific research and workshops, and sharing of scientific data, publications, and information.

University representatives attending the meeting with Prof. Talgata were Prof. Krzysztof J. Filipiak, Deputy Rector for International Relations, Development and Promotion, and Michał Cegiełkowski, Coordinator for International Relations, Development and Promotion.

Our universities plan to sign an agreement  of cooperation and academic exchange to enhance the mobility of students and researchers, as well as the development  of scientific research conducted at our respective universities. 


Photo by: Michał Teperek
Dział Fotomedyczny WUM

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